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So I received my laptop last December (2015) as a gift.  In April 2016 I started to notice a noise that was coming from the hinge. On inspection I noticed that there was a screw was missing for the right hinge. Upon calling Dell (in warranty) ...

1st call:  Dell Support: " You must have damaged your laptop in some way" Nothing can be done.

2nd call: Dell Support " We can not send you a screw"

3rd call: Dell Support "We will send you a pack of screws". Received  the screws, and I replaced the missing one.

Things were good for sometime on my laptop.  But then same thing started happening with the hinge but worse!

Oct. 2016... Call Dell again (as I knew my warranty was going to be up soon). 

Dell Support: Sorry we can't help you. You can send in your laptop, but it will cost you $160.00 and it could be up to 16 days with out your machine. "You must have damaged it in some way"

After getting feed up with this nonsense, I started researching online, google and facebook....I find so many other people are having the same problem with the same model number. Complained on Facebook.  That person told me to reach out to Dell at a certain number...

I did.

Nov. 2016 Call Dell again... Sorry your computer is out of warranty. Its going to cost 160.00. BLAH BLAH BLAH... we can't help you. I kept trying to talk to the next manager up. After speaking with 3 people, Finally someone understood what was happening and that I have been trying since April to get something done.

That tech sent out a Tech to my house the next day which was the day before Thanksgiving 2016. When the tech started working he realized he had the wrong part. So the following Monday he came back with the right parts.
     In the process of putting it back together that tech ended up pulling my wireless card wires out by mistake. Nothing could be done for at least a week. 

When the next tech came to fix the wireless card...she ended up breaking my screen. Dell then asked for me to send in my laptop in to the depot to be repaired. I waited another few days for the box to reach my house. I sent the laptop in.

Just getting it back TODAY.   It seemed all is well. But on further inspection....After my screen is open to a certain point it falls back to the full open position.

I will be calling Dell back today.   The first computer I bought back in early 2000's was a Dell. I loved it. I gave it to a friend a few years ago...Its still works fine! You would think that 16 years later Dell would evolve... Not regress!  Why is customer service not priority? 

So many people complain of the same problem on the same model. But when we call... Dell support says it's "user error" " you must have dropped it" "maybe you damaged it"
  These are things NO CUSTOMER SERVICE of any business should say.  I'm sorry but MOST of us will always take care of our personal property....AS WE PAID FOR IT and this items have cost us a pretty penny and don't have the money to buy a new one every year!

Even though I was not charged for the repairs, as none of the damage was caused by myself. I have still had to take time out of my day to call, write emails, research online, wait on tech's, spend time and gas to ship my laptop.  I feel I should be compensated for all that.  I asked to have a purple top instead of a silver one. That was not done. I would have been happy to be compensated in that way . But no.  Dell is not taking responsibility for their defects. BUYER BEWARE! I WILL NOT BUY FROM DELL AGAIN!

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