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Horizontal Status LED Precision 5510

I recently got the Dell Precision 5510 - pretty nice machine so far. Smiley Happy Nevertheless, one thing strikes me odd and annoys me: below the touchpad there is this horizontal led bar. It only lights up when the laptop is charging (or to indicate some error (in amber)). It does not light up when the laptop is on and running on battery. I have my machine configured to hibernate once I close the lid - that is, I have no way to figure out if it's still on. Yesterday I closed the lid and put it in it's laptop case. Couple of hours later I took it out again and it was really really hot and apparently overheating (the fan was running wildly). If there would be a way to indicate the power status via the horizontal led that would not have happened. Do you have any ideas how to change the behavior of the front led?

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RE: Horizontal Status LED Precision 5510


Unfortunately, you cannot change the LED behavior. You can only go into the Power Options within Windows to change what you want the computer to do when you shut the lid etc...

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