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2 Jasper

How can I order a inspiron 1000 lithium battery online

I have searched everywhere and can't find a reference to a lithium battery for a inspiron 1000 anywhere online. I accidently placed an order for the nickel battery and tried to get it upgraded before they shipped it now I am stuck with a nickel battery.   Does someone have a link to a person in Dell that can help. 

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Jim in San Diego,

You can get pricing and availability information from Dell Software and Peripherals.

The Software and Peripherals department can sell components from other vendors.

While Dell does not support these items outside of the first 30 days of ownership, this site can help guide you more effectively on a peripheral purchase than another retail vendor could.

Choose your business segment.

Click on Parts for Your Dell.

Pick your system type and model or enter your service tag for suggested products for your Dell computer.

They also have hard drive, memory and peripheral upgrade options.

If you cannot find what you are looking for by the search engine, you can contact our Spare Parts department.

Spare Parts


M - F

8 AM - 6 PM

Thank you for choosing Dell.

2 Jasper
2 Jasper

The Dell online parts order web page (batteries) does not list the Inspirion 1000 laptop.  There is no email address for the parts department and I can't call them during their working hours. Why can't I get an address to the parts depatment so I can email someone who can answer my question? 

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try ebay
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2 Jasper

For a high tech company Dell has dropped the ball in their online support of their products.  I can't call the parts departments phone number during work hours and they are closed after I get home.

I can't believe that Michael Dell was still CEO and saw this email wouldn't fic the problem PDQ.

I will take your advice on shop elsewere next computer maynot be a Dell.

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