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How do I connect my inspiron 6000 to wifi it is re-furbished and has the wifi hardware.

I have a Netgear wifi router, but know nothing about how to get the laptop to connect.  I do have a ssid code and a wireless security passphrase for the router, but oin the device connect entry spot on the laptop it won't take it rejecting the letters involved.  What do I need to do.

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Re: How do I connect my inspiron 6000 to wifi it is re-furbished and has the wifi hardware.


Please follow the steps below to connect to a wireless network:

1. Click Start> Run
2. Type Ncpa.cpl

You will see an icon for Local Area Connection and Wireless Connection.

1. Right Click on Wireless Connections icon.
2. Left click on Connect/Disconnect.
3. You would now see a list of the Wireless networks in the range.
4. Highlight the network for which you have the SSID and passphrase and then click connect.
5. Enter the SSID and passphrase.

If you are still not able to connect, then make a hard wired connection between the system and the modem, then follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Click Start (located in the lower left corner of the computer screen).
2. Click Control Panel. When using Classic Start menu, click “settings”, click “control panel” and then click “classic view”.
3. Using the drop down menu in the upper-right corner, next to View by:, select Category.
4. Click View network status and tasks under Network and Internet.
5. Click Local Area Connection on the right-side of the window. Click details.
6. Locate and write down the IP address to the right of IPv4 Default Gateway.
7. Open an Internet browser.
8. In the address bar, type http://[Default_Gateway_ip_address], where [Default_Gateway_ip_address] is the IPv4 Default Gateway IP address (do not include the brackets).
9. Log into the router homepage.
10. The default username and password for netgear is “admin” & “password” respectively.

Click http://bit.ly/iLdd2n for details.

Please refer to Article Id 279799 on dell support site or click http://bitly.com/Zz6vtk

If none of the above steps work, then please follow the instructions at http://bitly.com/N4xXsx to reset the netgear router to default settings.

Glad to assist.

Thanks & Regards
Vishal S


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