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How do I file a complaint with Dell corporate headquarters?

I bought a brand new Inspiron laptop from Staples last year.  The machine is defective and I've called Dell on numerous occassions over the last year and a half.  The "techs" from India have taken over my computer on countless occassions but have never been able to fix the problem.  The sent a tech out to my office in July to but the repairs he made did not correct the problem.  I struggled to cope with the defective operation because I own a business and can not function without my computer and I was exasperated each time I wasted hours of my time with the techs from India.  I called again in October but recieved the same shoddy and impersonal service from a tech who tried  the same repair techniques that the other techs used over and over again.  My computer has now failed and the warranty expired last week.   My computer was defective from the day I bought it and I begged to be sent a new computer each time I spoke to the techs.  They would not honor my request because Dell does not stand behind their defective products.  This has been the worst customer service experience I have ever had with any company over the course of my entire life. 

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I apologize that I missed this, if any of you are still experiencing problems with your systems and you would like for me to investigate the cases please private message me.  Just click on the link in my signature and then click start conversation.  If you are having any problems just post here and I will send a friend request.   In your private message please include the service tag and I will be happy to investigate your claims.



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