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How to Stop BEEPING noise?

My laptop has been beeping (5 times) loudly on start-up and then silently but continuously during use.

I know this indicates a battery problem, but for now, I really just need to disable this - I am a student and can't use my laptop in the library if it's like this. I've tried Googling answers, but I can't figure out how to disable the beeps. Please help.


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RE: How to Stop BEEPING noise?

It's either a weak CMOS/reserve battery or a bad clock chip.  Try replacing the CMOS battery -- it's usually a CR-2032 lithium button cell somewhere on the mainboard (we'll need to know what model - i.e., Inspiron N5110, 5531, etc. to tell you for sure).

If that doesn't solve the problem, it's the clock chip that's bad and the mainboard will need to be replaced.

There's no way to silence the beeps short of fixing the problem that's causing them.

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RE: How to Stop BEEPING noise?


There is no place to disable the diagnostic beep code. Unfortunately, you do not mention the computer model. However, the 5 beep code sequence on many laptops represents a Real-Time Clock (RTC) power failure  and the cause is usually a bad CMOS battery failure. If you could post your model number I can verify the error.