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How to Wake Laptop By Opening Lid

I just wanted to ask if it's possible to wake the laptop up from Sleep by opening the lid? Right now, I would have to open the lid and press any key. My laptop is a XPS 13-9350. Thanks for your help!

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RE: How to Wake Laptop By Opening Lid

Hi marcolorenzo,

Thanks for posting.

Go to Device Manager (Win+X, M is the quickest way), and expand the "System devices" list. If you look through the listed devices, there should be an entry for your laptop's lid. Double-clicking this will open the properties panel for that device.

If your laptop supports waking with this particular device, there will be a "Power Management" tab available, and under that tab will be a checkbox to "Allow this device to wake the computer". If the checkbox isn't grayed out, ticking it will allow the computer to wake when the device sends a signal (in this case opening the lid). If the checkbox is grayed out, then your laptop cannot wake upon opening the lid.

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