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How to acquire original OS/Recovery Media?

I attempted to re-allocate some of HDD space yesterday to make room for a Windows 10 upgrade.  After re-starting I get a dos screen saying bootmgr.exe cannot be found.  I've tried F2 and F12 options to access the recovery partition to fix, but cannot access it.  I'm trying to acquire original Windows media to access the recovery options, but am not having any luck finding a download and my system didn't come with a disk.  Windows 7 Home Premium.

Any advice?



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RE: How to acquire original OS/Recovery Media?


You'll find lots of original windows 7 media on EBAY.com......

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RE: How to acquire original OS/Recovery Media?

If your plan is to install Windows 10 then wait a couple of weeks until Windows 10 TH2 is available. Windows 10 TH2 will allow you to directly clean install Windows 10 TH2 using your Windows 7 OEM product key from the COA.

An Insider Preview (beta) of TH2 is currently available:


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