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How to bring the Latitude 7275 out of Sleep mode?

Hey guys,

I got a Dell Latitude 7275 a few weeks ago but just cant figure out how to bring it out of sleep mode properly.
When I put it to sleep and dont use it for a little while, I have to press the power button on the side a few times and it seems almost random when the tablet turns back on.
Sometimes I press the power button 1-2 times and then it briefly vibrates and wakes up, sometimes up to 6 times before it reacts and the odd time it doesnt do anything until I hold the button for 15s and it reboots.

Can anyone explain just how waking the device properly works?


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Mary G
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RE: How to bring the Latitude 7275 out of Sleep mode?

Try a brief, single push of the power button and wait 30 seconds until it wakes. Don't press too long and don't repeat presses. Check and change the Power Options-- right click on Start button to get to the options fast.

Windows 10 has Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep that both require a brief push of the power button to wake. First try a key or mouse press and then if that doesn't wake the screen, use the power button.

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