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How to fix the Dell XPS Developer edition

I just bought a Dell xps developer edition (Ubuntu 16.04).  And the hardware is amazing, but Dell appears to have done some stuff to Ubuntu that makes no sense to me.

When I press ctrl+alt+up, down, left, right

By default it moves the current windows I have open around. Every so often, it changes workspaces, but pretty rarely. I don't care anything about having the grid, assuming this is what's breaking the workspaces. I use workspaces regularly.

I downloaded ccsm, but I can't find anything that's bound to the keybindings I specified. Also, unchecking the grid functionality didn't help.

I was able to find [this thread](ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php, that confirms the grid answer, and when I unbind the keys instead of removing grid all together the window movement no longer happens, but the workplace changes don't happen still.

The only other thing I've done to make this laptop more tolerable is remove some [ridiculous dell software that seems to have no real purpose](askubuntu.com/.../dell-developer-edition-ubuntu-14-04-super-key-not-working). I'd love to make a guide on how to make this incredibly expensive laptop that seemed like a great idea, actually work with Ubuntu's key features.

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