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How to get a return label from dell

I have been in contact with dell way to many times over this as i purchased the alienware 17r4 and had nothing but proble s and runarounds. The keyboard had issues right from factory and when the tech came to replace it the motherboard got fried. I had the computer working for 6 days and have been trting for almost 2.5 weeks now to return it as i was in my thirty day limit. Now it over thirty days because when i would call the usa side would transfer me to a *** company that does picture frames. When i did get someone who could help i have been told three seperate times over that weeks that they have issues sending out emails with return labels and 4 other times have beeb told i would have people escalate it and i would hear back in 24 to 48 hours with no further contact. I cant believe a company who sells top end computers can handle customers so poorly. Sad when BBB and also a *** will have to get involved all because a company cant take back a product.

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