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How to get line out on Ultrabook XPS 12

I need to connect my speaker preamplifier to the XPS 12, but do not see a line out selection from the headphone port on the computer. How to I get access to line out?

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Hello. On all Dell laptops the headphone jack doubles as the line out.

connect my speaker preamplifier to the XPS 12

Not sure what you are trying to do. If you need to get a line level signal into the laptop, there is no line-in port so you would have to get a usb audio interface with a line-in jack. But use the headphone jack to get a line level signal out of the laptop.

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Yes, I thought that it worked that way, but found no verification. It turns out that my speakers were working correctly, but the bass level was so low that I could not detect it. I moved them to another computer where I could amplify the bass, and I could hear the woofer.

Thanks for your response.

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