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How to register your new Dell laptop

Well, I gave Dell another chance, to my chagrin.  After my desktop fiasco a year ago when I finally convinced myself that what they are REALLY interested in ia SALES, not so much in talking to a customer AFTER the sale, or even having a web site that is responsive.  And I'm fairly must be REALLY terrible for a relatively new user.  This time, I bought a new Dell laptop on a Staples sale, in store.  While the product this time appears to be functional out of the box (unlike the desktop disaster), a simple task of registering the purchase to activate the warranty seems to be hard to do.  The literature accompanying the new laptop says one should go to the website  Yeah....well, that doesn't work.  There's a redirect there that takes you nowhere, BUT passes you by a bunch of accessory sales you might be interested in.  Live Chat isn't available either.  Or Contact Us.  But you DO get passed by opportunities to buy stuff just about every time you change pages.

On the last Dell computer I bought, I said to about the twelfth guy I talked to in India (or maybe it was the Phillipines, I'd lost track) that it seemed that Dell, Inc. really didn't want to talk to a customer, IN the United States, ON a normal M-F business day, DURING normal business hours, about any subject OTHER than buying something and taking your credit card number.  He pretty much agreed that is the case;  his title was "Supervisor", and even he couldn't talk to anybody in the US at Dell, Inc.  They are not really interested in permanently resolving their quality or customer service problems, assuming that they can and will all be resolved by the foreign service guys (IF you can communicate with them) or customer folks like you and me participating in the on-line forums.  And, as long as idiots like me, who have HAD bad experiences with Dell, continue to buy their products, they are RIGHT.  It's kind of like buying from a box of rocks...but then, you could actually SEE the rocks.  Well, the first time is "shame on Dell", the second time is "shame on me", and the third time will be buying another computer brand AFTER I've researched THEIR customer service history.   If anybody in the forum wants to tell me which link I can click at that will actually let me REGISTER my computer, then thanks. 

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Re: How to register your new Dell laptop


Here you go.....


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RE: How to register your new Dell laptop

2-3 clicks here got mine done.;l=en&s=bsd

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