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I have an xps m1530 and ever since I got it I've had nothing but problems with it.
I havent even had it for a year and I am pretty careful with it as I got it as a present for my birthday.

Main problems I have had are:

  • Keys not working when pressed (this was from as soon as I recieved it, later found out that there was some white power stuff underneath some of my keys when I took some of the up to look).
  • Mouse pad stops working when im using it.
  • Harddrive was faulty, one day it was working fine the next I turned it on to a blue screen. Had to get the harddrive replaced. (Spent 2 hours on the phone while some idiot made me try the same things 50 times that I told him wernt working, seeing as I was paying for the call and was already pretty upset about the whole ordeal, he wasnt helpful in the slightest and I ended up in tears)
  • After my harddrive was changed I lost alot of software that had original been on my computer that dell had said were on my cds but were not. I also lost the use of my microphone.
  • Parts of the body of the laptop started clicking out of place
  • Battery stopped charging up
  • Had to replace the full charger as wires were coming out at the top where it plugs into the laptop
  • Had to get the motherboard replaced to fix the battery charging problem. 
  • On the top of the laptop where the screen joins the hinge on one side there is a crack. When the laptop screen is shut the hinge does not move even though it is still connected to screen. A stretch mark is appearing on the other side from it.
  • The left mouse button it completly stuck down. It does not press down any further.

Now it may sound like some of these problems are caused by me not taking care of my laptop but this should not happen. I shouldn't have had this many problems in less than a year of having the computer.

I know I can't get it replaced or get any money back for it, which means I will have to put up with a broken laptop untill I can get the money to buy a new non dell computer. I will not be buying from dell again in the future, I was suppose to be getting this laptop so that I could take it with me, but I don't think it can last till then.

Sorry if this post isn't very helpful and just a rant from an angry teenager who really should have checked up more or the reputation of dell before buying.

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Some of these problems are indeed caused by system abuse - and no notebook will stand up to that.  The rest are warranty items.  If you still have a warranty, call Dell - if not, and you do replace the system, you should very seriously consider an accidental damage coverage plan -- or you'll be in the same situation with your next notebook.


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