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I dropped the laptop, now shutsdown?

I recently dropped my laptop and there after it shutsdown  after some minutes

And when I turn it on it says "Your system automatically powered itself off because it became warmer

than expected. This may have been caused by:

o) operating or storing the system in an enviroment where the ambient

temp is too high or,

o) obstructing the air flow from the system fan vents.

If this problem recurs please call Dell Support wi

The fun works fine and the temperature is normal

What can the problem be

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RE: I dropped the laptop, now shutsdown?


We’re listening. We’ll surely check and assist you. As you informed that the computer was dropped recently, the computer can turn off due to various reasons. It may be a software or a hardware issue. In order to isolate issues between hardware and software, we request you to complete the hardware diagnostics. You can refer to this link www.youtube.com/watch which is a video which shows the steps to complete the hardware diagnostics. Please share your findings, so that we can take this forward.

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