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I hate dell will never buy again will not fix my problems

had dell inpiron 15 for 2 weeks. Day 1 computer freezes and crashes, also computer types on its own(+)plus sign and does not stop till computer freezes. I called customer service everyday and they say its software problem and i cannot return it. I have warranty. Technical support is absolute [Profanity removed per TOU] in my opinion. I get transferred from one department to the next and that is all. No one knows anything except to press transfer. This is first dell product I bought and I hate it, will never buy again and your customer service/technical support is stressful and gets you nowhere. 

2 weeks problems everyday and i call or chat with dell everyday.Shows a lot about dell. I posted on their Facebook page my situation and they deleted my posts. They hang up on me or turn transferring into a loop. Dont sell a product and have tech support that dont know what a computer is. Seriously you guys are annoying and stressful. Give me a new laptop and transfer all my files or fix the issues so simple. [Abusive language removed]

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