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I have a few problems with Inspiron 3521 - audio and video


A few days ago i buyed a new laptop (selling my old Dell), the computer was without preinstalled Windows, so i format the hard drive and installed Windows 7 from a CD. Then i installed the drivers from Dell's support page using my service tag.

I have three problems now:

1. My audio works great, watching movies, listening to movies, even with headsets or throught HDMI to my TV.

But sometimes, when im not listening to anything for an hour or two, when i try to play something from YouTube, Windows Media Player, etc. the sound won't start. Windows Media PLayer says that there is an error playing the files, youtube videos are playing without any sound. The problem is resolved when I disable and reeneble the sound driver or restart my computer. Today i removed the audio driver and installed it again, but the same issue is still on.

2. I have AMD video card and installed the driver. But Windows Update installed Intel GMA driver too. Is that a problem?

3. My Dell App is showing that my 2 year warranty expires on 13.07.2015, but i bought my laptop on 30.10?

I can provide service tag if it's needed

Thank you in advance for the assistance

These are my laptop's specifications taken from My Dell app:


Inspiron 3521

Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3337U CPU @ 1.80GHz (CPU:0)

Total Physical Memory

8.00 GB



Video Card - Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000


Vendor Name

Intel Corporation



Video Card Chip Type

Intel(R) HD Graphics Family

Video Card Memory

2.06 GB

Video Card BIOS

Intel Video BIOS

Driver Provider

Intel Corporation

Driver Version, 12-12-2012


Video Card - AMD Radeon HD 8730M


Vendor Name

Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI

Video Card Memory

2.00 GB

Fan Speed


Driver Provider

Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.

Driver Version, 9-10-2012


Display - Generic PnP Monitor



1366 x 768 (32-bit) (60 Hz)

Preferred Mode

1366 x 768 (59 Hz)

Signal Type




Sound Card - Realtek High Definition Audio


Driver Provider

Realtek Semiconductor Corp.

Driver Version, 11-27-2012




Sound Card - High Definition Audio Device


Driver Provider


Driver Version

6.1.7601.17514, 11-19-2010



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RE: I have a few problems with Inspiron 3521 - audio and video

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RE: I have a few problems with Inspiron 3521 - audio and video

That's the first time read somewhere that drivers for different hardware has to be installed in perfect order provided from the menufacturer. Why then in the box there is no CD with a self extracting and self installing software ofr the drivers Smiley Happy

And how to download and install audio and video driver before ethernet and wlan drivers? Ican't do it without internet Smiley Happy

Btw, thanks about the link I didn'know that there is correct order of installing Smiley Happy

But that don't answers me questions:

1. 2 video drivers? is there a problem to have AMD and Intel video drivers installed at one time?

2. 2 audio drivers? What the reason of the sound not playing from time to time?

3. warranty status?

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