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I'm Stuck help!

Dell XPS17 L702X

8GB ram



All drivers updated, including BIOS

A few weeks ago while playing video games, that have had absolutely no problem playing on this for the 1.5 years, I had this gameplay stutter. I know its not lag though because nothing else on my computer would bog down (Skype). The ingame FPS would go from like 200+ FPS to 02 FPS and then back. At very random points. It has slowly gotten a little better over the last 2 weeks but it is still noticeable and affecting gameplay. Its affecting the sound too. If there is a new sound clip played when this happens it goes on repeat until everything gets caught up. Happens with any game no matter if I'm using the Integrated or the 555M GPU.

Overall everything else is running great.

Here is what i have done:

Formatted and zeroized both 500GB internal drives and reinstalled Windows 7

Ran MemTest86- Passed

Bought a new (used) Motherboard/GPU online

Even after all of this, the same thing is happening. I don't know what else I can swap out that could be bad. Both HDD seem to be running perfect.

Let me know what ideas you guys have. I am very computer savvy and I'm stumped. I don't think it is the CPU, memory, or HDD since it is litterally only affecting any type of Video game. 

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