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I need a motherboard???

2 years ago my motherboard on my alienware gaming laptop 14 M14X  Motherboard LA-9201P.

Im pretty sure this is the right one. I want to get a new one but hesitant to buy off ebay as im not sure what i'm getting is the right one. I have nvidia on this, just not sure of the version. 

How do I go about getting this laptop repaired....any advise will help. I really miss this thing. 

BTW: I do know it would beep 7 times and would never boot up....i had a customer service number that I called when it happened but Ive moved twice since then and can't find my notes.  

Ok. I am looking forward to any and all feedback. 


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RE: I need a motherboard???

You would be wasting money on a board replacement. Seven beeps means the processor has failed. Put  money towards a new laptop.

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RE: I need a motherboard???

That would be this board


Seven beeps is a CPU or mainboard failure -- most likely the board, since CPUs very, very rarely fail.  That said, you should let your client know that there is a possibility the board and the CPU need to be replaced -- and then let them weigh the cost of repairing a 5+ year old system vs. replacing the system.

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