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I need the Dell Inspiron 14R 790 ICC profile

Where can I find the ICC profile for my Dell Inspiron 14R 790?

I'm a webdesigner and I've been having a hard time trying to make my image files generated in Photoshop look right to other users.

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Hi Ciroluna,

Welcome to the Community. When you say ICC profile, are you referring to the link below. You can download it from here.

Hope this helps.

Thank you


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Hmmm... Not exactly.

Every monitor has its own way of displaying colors, and I mean individually. In order for your "red" to be "the red" the rest of the world agrees upon, you normally have to calibrate your monitor.

But when a monitor is brand new, it's no problem though. All new monitors are expected to behave the same way. So the manufacturer makes a driver (which includes the ICC profile for the monitor) available. It works as some sort of "calibration for brand new computers". As the monitor gets old, calibrating it becomes necessary.

If your monitor doesn't have the correct ICC profile installed, those files from Adobe won't help you. Even if you use "Adobe RGB", your computer will display it differently from other monitors which are correctly calibrated or have the adequate ICC profile installed.

That's what I need. The ICC profile for my laptop monitor. As my notebook is brand new, I need the manufacturer's *.ICC file.

I've already tried googling it. Microsoft Windows won't automatically find the correct driver because it only identifies my notebook monitor as a "Generic PnP Monitor".

I feel helpless because I have deadlines to meet and color differences matter a lot to a webdesigner.

Ciro Luna.

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