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I need to replace chipped front glass on AIO Inspiron 2330

I have a Inspiron One 2330 that needs the needs the glass front replaced.  The glass is chipped around the edges.  I bought glass for that model on ebay.  I have been looking high and low on the internet for steps on how to replace it but I'm not finding anything specific on this.  I'm worried that I bought the part for nothing and that I'll will not be able to change out just the glass itself but I figured if they sell just the glass then I should be able to replace it.  Has anyone had to do this and do you have steps or insight on this.  Thanks in advance.

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Replacing just the glass isn't within the scope of the service manual -- and likely isn't easy, since it's likely bonded to the frame with strong adhesive.  That will need to be heated to release the adhesive (which may or may not be re-useable with the replacement glass - very often it has to be replaced).

You may want to have a professional do this job, which isn't a trivial exercise - you essentially get one shot at correctly placing the replacement glass, and the potential for damaging or destroying the frame is high.

7 Thorium's manual_en-us.pdf

That has directions for replacing the Display Panel. However because this is a 4yr old model, it probably would be better to buy a new computer.

Others have reported trouble putting the all in one back together and having it work since it requires completely dismantling the whole computer which is more like a laptop than a desktop. 

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