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I've Had Enough of Dell

You will have to forgive me for posting this here, but you, like most companies, don't want to hear from your customers, so you have gotten rid of a way for me to email this to you. But I will NEVER buy another Dell product again, ever. I have two Dell laptops, and a Dell desktop computer. About two weeks ago, one of the laptops died. Every time I tried to start it up, I got a bluescreen. When I came here for help, all I got was a wild goose chase, and a rather rude refusal to help because my warranty had expired. I had to scrap it. Yesterday, the same thing happened to the Dell Desktop computer. This time I knew better than to come here, and I ended up having to go back to a previous version of Windows. All that banging my head up against a wall with the laptop paid off this time, because what I tried and failed with the laptop, actually worked with the desktop. I finished up about an hour ago. I opened my other laptop, the one I'm on right now, and noticed my battery was down to 63%. It says plugged in, not charging. All the searches I did (once again, I knew better than to come here looking for help) says I need a new battery. I just bought a new charger for this one a month ago. What do you people do? Insert viruses to sabotage your products at tax time, so people will use their refunds to buy new computers? Well I'm going to buy a new laptop, but you can bet a million dollars on the fact it won't say DELL on the lid. I'm done with you.