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I want to configure triple monitors on E6230


I'm using E6230, and I'd like to set up triple monitors on my laptop.

(2 external monitors + 1 built-in display)

I have Dell E-Port Plus Advanced Port Replicator already, and I have followed the steps in the following link, but it never works.


I plugged two Dell monitors to the APR via DVI.

Intel Graphics Control Panel only shows two displays. According to the link, it's supposed to have an option where I can configure the number of active displays.

Would you help me out to resolve this issue?

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RE: I want to configure triple monitors on E6230

Hi Rapout,

Thanks for your post.

Is your Latitude E6230 running the HD4000 Graphics?  I see from the article that you posted, that the HD4000 Graphics was an "option" on that machine.

Dell Latitude Systems with Intel HD 4000 graphics option.

The following Latitude systems have the option of Intel HD 4000 Graphics

  • E6530
  • E6430
  • E6430S
  • E6430ATG
  • E6330
  • E6230
  • E5530
Note: Intel HD 2500 and HD 3000 Graphics do not support 3 displays.
Please check and see what Graphics your computer has.  Thanks.

Dell-Robert P
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RE: I want to configure triple monitors on E6230

Hi Robert,

Thanks for the reply.

In fact, my machine is on HD 4000 graphics, which means 3 displays should be working fine.

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