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I would like to upgrade my graphics card

I am thinking of upgrading my graphics card for my Alienware m17x R4. I would like a nvidia gtx 970m,  a gtx 980m or something in that range. Can i buy this from dell? Would these cards meet my system requirements?

I would love to send my service tag to a dell employee who answers this post, for further information on my machine.

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RE: I would like to upgrade my graphics card

The GPU can be upgraded by mean of an MXM III card on this model.

There should be both options -- you can try Dell or look for a reseller of Clevo notebook parts (Clevo supplies most ot the "boutique" brands like Sager, Falcon Northwest, etc.). 

A desktop GTX970 runs over $300 -- expect the mobile version to come in around triple that, and a 980 to be well over $1,000. 

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