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I9400-No Hibernate function after system upgrade

I have lost the hibernate function in the power mode selection box. I installed a new hard disk and reinstalled windows from cd.  I have downloaded and installed all the drivers I know about (R120179, R120775, R150593, R151517, R157261, and R174291). Although, these drivers were recommended for the I9400/E1705 in the download site  - when opening and installing them the info page on some of them did not include the 9400 model.  


Any idea what I need to download to regain this function?

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Re: I9400-No Hibernate function after system upgrade

My Latitude D600 had the same problem after re-installing WinXP SP3.

I had installed all the Dell Recommended drivers. Everything worked OK, except I no longer had a "Sleep" or "Hibernate" control anywhere. 

Microsoft said to check my drivers. Windows (any version) will not allow Sleep Mode or Hibernation if it does not have complete information ablut the hardware used, i.e. if the default Windows drivers are used.

The driver for my ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 graphics chipset was listed by Dell as "Optional", and was not included in their recommendations.

I downloaded the driver (R113575.exe) and itstalled it,. After rebooting," Hibernate"," Stand-By", and "Sleep Mode" are all available and functional. 

The graphics is smoother on video, too.


Hope this helps.

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