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INSPIRON MINI 1018 w/Windows 7

A student and friend purchased Dell Mini from her friendly pawn shop, it worked for a few months and then windows would no longer work properly, couldn't hold the internet, she has to do some online exams and requires using Respondus but it will not hold the log-in. Our friendly computer fix-it shop said it would probably cost more than she paid for it to reinstall the system from the hard drive (no discs) but in poking around the C:drive shows 0bytes available of the 220gig drive D:drive shows ~10gig.

Tried to reformat per online instructions but she also does not have the admin password, would like to;

1. reset the admin password

2. fix the c:drive , there are no files as she saves all her work on memory sticks and at school.

3. correct the windows hook-up issues

Think this is the right order to try to fix.


So ran a disc clean-up program but only freed up 152mb the disc is still showing pretty much full. 

Tried to run a microsoft anti-virus but it failed, even after i turned off the virus protection program.

Tried to run the Restore program but there was not enough space on the HD to create a b/u file
even though it said there were no files to back up. So still stuck trying to find out what is hogging
the HDD. 

still stuck  ~tom

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