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Image recovery - what to do when your hard drive dies?

I own an Inspiron 7520. Got it in 2012 and it was a very good machine. Then the hard drive completely died this month. I had previously created a image recovery on a USB flash disk which now I know it is completely useless. Can't do anything with it on a new hard drive.

And then, I tried to download my original drivers and original OS iso from Dell's page. I simply CAN'T download the OS iso to reinstall my system (I always get the infamous message: Recovery image not available for your Service Tag. Sorry, but a Dell Hosted Recovery Image is currently not available for the Service Tag that you entered. Please enter another Service Tag or contact Dell Technical Support for further assistance). How am I supposed to do????

Please answer in dummy language, I'm no tech geek here. Thank you very much!


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RE: Image recovery - what to do when your hard drive dies?


You will need to purchase the Windows disk from the link below.\

Windows Restore Disk

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