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In Iraq with blown M1330 GPU. Help.

As odd as this sounds I am currently in Iraq, I have internet access but do not have stateside phone access. Does anyone have a Dell Technician email address? I have tried the web site with no responses. Like I said, have no way to call.

I was trying to figure out if they will send me a mother board even though my computer is 4 months out of warranty. (I've been reading they extend it for GPU problems) I use my dell to support our troops here and desperately need it.

My next question is should I be looking into buying another computer regardless of repair. I have read that once one GPU goes it will turn into a repeat concern. For traveling I love having the power and mobility but it's obviously useless if it doesnt work...?

If I end up needing to buy my own does anyone recommend where to buy it from? I've found them as low as 189$ on ebay but looks a little fishy.

Any info is appreciated. Thanks.


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