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Info-Audio Distortion related to Audiodg.exe and TabTip.exe

I just sent this to Microsoft as Feedback.  I am posting it here in case any Dell folks would be interested.

A strange thing happened this morning when I brought my 4 month old Dell XPS 13 9365 2-in-1 out of hibernation.  The system had been in Modern Standby and went to hibernation after a couple of hours.

Once the desktop was up I opened Mail.  A sound played which was extremly distorted along with a popup about "Are you having sound problems" from Windows 10.

I opened the Resource Monitor and noticed the indications in the attachments.  Audiodg.exe was using 25% of the processor time which was running at 162% Max Frequency.  I just noticed also, CompatTeRunner.exe (Terminated) was using 39%.

Audiodg.exe was showing 4561 threads where it normally only shows 5 or 6.

TabTip.exe was showing 6904 threads where it normally shows about 11.

The SleepStudy is showing TabTip audio timer related to power drain during Modern Standby.

All I can come up with is the TabTip audio was trying to play during the Modern Standby time.  Everything returned to normal after I ended the audiodg.exe process.

This has not happened before and the system is current on Windows updates, 15063.540



XPS 2720, Inspiron 17 7779, Inspiron 15 7567, XPS 13 9365, Inspiron 1545, TB16 Dock

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