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Insorion 5577: black screen when connect 4K TV - that was working before.

Last month, after much trouble, I managed to get my Inspiron 5577 to drive an LG OLED 4K 3D TV at 3840x2160 30 Hz.  Today when I plugged the TV into the HDMI port the laptop screen went black and the TV reported no signal.  Nothing I can do with Intel's or Microsoft's brain dead display control panels makes any difference.  Windows was still running and the laptop display comes back when I unplug the HDMI.

This must be due to something MS or Dell installed during the past month -- the machine is set up for auto update and I accept all updates.

I really need the TV connection to review some new stereo photos. Any chance of recovery?

Please reply only if you have actual facts.  I have heard more than enough generic, speculative and just plain ignorant advice on this subject, thank you.

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