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Inspirion 15 7000 Series--> freezing, beeping and audio cutting.

I purchased the Inspirion 15 7000 series and opened it up for the first time just two days ago. Everything seemed to be running fine until I started to notice that my computer seemed to be freezing randomly.  The courser just freezes for a good 5-6 seconds every 2 minutes or so. Also, the audio whenever videos or music is playing, will go into a slow motion type of noise while the computer freezes and video stops playing. Along with the "slow motion" audio, sometimes the audio just cuts out and videos stop playing. My last issue that seems to be happening is computers beeping. Randomly every 30 minutes or so, the laptop will beep three to five times but then nothing happens. Please leave me with any suggestions on how to stop these symptoms from happening. This laptop is for college and it would be nice not to worry about this annoying issues. Thanks in advance.

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