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Inspirion 15R

I recen'tly purchase an Inspirion 15R laptop directly from Dell.   I have had two issues.

First -- keyboard -- the quote key gets stuck on the first try and then prints twice on the second try.  This morning an at home service technician replaced the keyboard.   However, while it worked when tested it with the tech present, the new keyboard is doing the same thing.

Second Issue -- Wireless connection.    The reason I bought this computer is because by Dell Studio crashed a few weeks ago.   That Dell laptop had no problem connecting to the router in a different room    This new computer will not connect if there is a wall between the computer and the router.   My Acer netbook connects without a problem.   ff the router is in the same room,  no problem.   However, that doesn't work for me. 

I have had two calls to Dell lasting 1 1/2 hours each.  That three hours out of my life on this issue.  When the last call ended, I thought the problem was solved, but it wasn't.

I'm ready to return the whole thing. 

Has anyone else has these problems?

Thanks.   Linda

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Hi Linda,

Computers issues like this can be challenging when they stop working as they are designed for. Please allow me an opportunity to take this forward and resolve the issue.

Please follow few of these steps to give me clarity and isolate the issue.

Perform the below troubleshooting steps if they were not performed before.

I recommend booting the computer to Safemode with networking (Restart the computer and tap F8 on Dell logo and select Safemode with networking).

Check if wireless works fine is Safemode with networking.

If the wireless shows the same behavior, update wireless drivers from below link:

Visit the link:

  1. Enter the Service tag of the computer in the box provided and click “Submit”.
  2. In the next page, click drop down arrow to select the Operating System which is installed in the computer.
  3. Under the category Network, Select the drivers accordingly and click “Get Driver” and save the file on desktop

Check if the Quote key works in Safemode with command prompt (Restart the computer and tap F8 on Dell logo and select Safemode with command prompt).

In case the system has active warranty, please private message the system service tag, contact number and registered owner’s name.

To private message, accept my friend request; click on my user name and click start conversation.

Warranty status:

Awaiting the information from you!

Thanks & Regards
Rajesh R
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Thanks for the response, but quite frankly, during my three hours on the phone with Dell all that has been done.  I'm not going to any more of my time on repeating it.  If you have another answer, such as -- the wireless card has a problem and we will send out an in-home service tech to fix it -- then I will listen.  

And that still doesnt fix the keyboard problem.   Honestly, for the amount of money that I spent on this new computer, I want it to work PERFECTLY.   I believe this computer must have been made on a Monday or Friday....that's when lemons are made.

So...I will call again to get service technicial who can type with this keyboard and notice its problems and get it fixed.  This new keyboard is worse than the first one.  Now a number keys are doing the same thing.   GRRRRRRR

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Here's an update on this issue.  Three "in-home" warranty visits later...the wireless is working.  However, after replacing the keyboard twice AND the motherboard, all Dell could suggest was that I "reset the computer to factory settings" -- a/k/a "format".   No way.  It took a total of 10 hours of my life and my blood pressure going through the roof, but finally on the last call, I was transferred to a supervisor after stating I wanted to return the computer.   He remotely took over my computer (which had been done multiple time already and drivers removed and drivers installed).  However, this time he changed the language setting to US, rebooted and the problem was solved.   He actually apologized for Dell for what they had put me through on this issue.  He could see the notes on all the calls and visits.

It was such a simple solution and I'm stunned that multiple tech support people couldn't figure that out.  They are really too quick to suggest formatting a computer.   I'm so glad I refused to format it.  

Suggestion -- don't always go along with a suggestion to format when it may not be necessary.  Sometimes there's no choice, but it seemed excessive over keyboard keys not working properly.


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