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Inspirion 5558 Bios Cannot Determine Power Wattage, Broken hinge

I   have owned this machine for several months after the first two months  I had to send it back to Dell because after receiving the message AC power wattage cannot be determined and spending several hours on the phone with  Dell they sent me a box and I sent them my computer. They had to replace my mother board (not a good sign on a new computer). Fast forward a few months and clicks (yep the right hinge is clicking) cant see where it is broken but doesn't sound good.  So I am going rounds with customer service no I  did not drop the computer no did not abuse it. I finally asked the gentleman and I use that term very (loosely) what am I supposed to just stare at my lap top or do I actually get to use it. Seriously did I buy 800 $ 6lb paperweight  ?  I have 5 year old dell lap top that if it was not over heating I would not have replaced it at all !! This one has been a lemon from the word go !! Now this morning I had to restart my computer and flash back to the message I received  when my mother board failed AC power wattage cannot be determined, spent another two hours on the phone, mind you I have not resolved the broken hinge issue, filed complaints the BBB and FTC . But now Dell tell me they will send me a box to send back the computer, then they put me on hold and tell   me I  have to send it my own box? I  said seriously when did this policy com into effect? They said  I should have saved the box from 4 months ago!  Like I was anticipating sending the computer in again! I cannot believe that Dell has gone this far down hill! I HAD been life long customer but this my  last one. IF they cannot stand  behind their product then they are not worth  I will continue to share my experience and post to twitter, linked in facebook, and google. I still have to figure out  fi they are going to fix the hinge issue.

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