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Inspirion e1705 sigmatel audio problem

My laptop, Inspirion E1704, is having audio problems. I have the sigmatel audio card in it. I just reinstlled the os on my computer and i installed the drivers for it in the right order according to dell. But i when the audio plays it scratchs about every second and a very even pace. i have reinstalled my os before and i have had this happen before but i usually reinstall the os till it works but i want to solve the problem. Please Help. I have widows XP, and i do not have the partition to resotre what came from factory.

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Jim Coates
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Re: Inspirion e1705 sigmatel audio problem



Do you have Windows XP? The fact that these problems are showing up right after an OS reinstall is suggestive of a hardware problem, but not definitive.

If you did not delete the PC Restore partition from the hard drive use that, and afterward if the problem remains then it is a hardware fault. PC Restore is the definitive test for hardware problems. Or if you did not delete the Dell Diagnostics partition use the audio tests in the Diagnostics. If you hear the scratching during the tests then it is a hardware fault.

For software problems, see the thread Choppy/Skipping Audio Workarounds for some tips. That you hear a noise every second could indicate that it is the wireless problem.



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