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Inspiron 1090 Hard Drive Compatibility

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Hi Community, I have an Inspiron 1090 that has a busted HDD. 

It originally had a HGST Z7K320-320 which I have replaced with a HGST Z7K500-320. I installed the software (32 Home Premium) on a computer with the Z7K500 connected as the Inspiron lacks a disc drive, which worked fine, everything installed and updated.

I then attempted to boot the Inspiron with the Z7K500 HDD with 32 bit Home Premium installed, however after the Dell Loading screen the computer bluescreens for a fraction of a second and then reboots.

So my main question is why is this doing this, is the HDD incompatible or have I missed a step here?

Thanks in advance!

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RE: Inspiron 1090 Hard Drive Compatibility

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You're going to need an external DVD drive, or to prepare a bootable installation flash drive with your OS on it - you cannot install Windows on another system and then move the hard drive.

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