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Inspiron 11 3000 Series cannot display through HDMI to Samsung TV but can to external monitor

This small 2-in-1 works using the HDMI port when connected to my (older, 17 inch) external flat panel monitor, in this case using an HDMI to VGA converter unit. If I connect it to a somewhat old (CRT, not flat panel) Samsung TV using a standard HDMI cable I cannot get it to display to the TV. I have another (work supplied) larger Dell laptop (Inspiron 15 3000) that can display to this TV, using the same HDMI cable that won't work with the Inspiron 11. Both laptops have Windows 10.


The HDMI port on the 11 works, as does the cable.

The TV can work with at least some laptops, since the 15 can display to it, and I must have the TV input selection correct (HDMI2).

Do some laptops simply not work with some TVs? For example, maybe the Inspiron 11 can't be set to a correct resolution that matches what the TV needs, but the Inspiron 15 can? Maybe I need some kind of driver update for the 11, or have not found some setting I need to change?


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