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Inspiron 11 3148

Ok like a lot of people have described the issues I am having with this 2 in 1 laptop. It's less than two years old and wouldn't start up. Only two beeps on mine but I changed the hard drive and uploaded unbuntu on mine as win10 was too slow. I also upgraded the ram and all this was working away happily. But in the last few weeks it just won't start up and just emits the two loud beeps continually. 

I saw the posts about the cmos and removed the main battery and then swapped the cmos. Sure enough the removed cmos was dead on checking with a Meter. I put all back together even trying the clearing residual power for 15secs trick with no main battery attached. With all reassembled, it still does the same thing but now I cant stop the beeps with the power button. I have to open the whole thing and reseat the main battery. Any ideas good folks?

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RE: Inspiron 11 3148

Does it beep in any pattern? Or just solid? I just wanted to make sure I was understanding. I'd go ahead again with clearing residual power and retry, but it might be the board. Regardless let me know how this goes. 

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