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Inspiron 11 won't wake up from sleep

We have a Dell Inspiron 11-3147 laptop running Windows 10.  For the last few weeks, it does not restart after going to sleep. We managed to get it going a few times by restarting in Safe Mode.

We called Dell support, and the technician suggested we install the A11 BIOS, since we were on the A10 version.  We did, and the problem persisted, Restart with Safe Mode did not help anymore.   We are able to start it only by doing a System Restore to the oldest Windows 10 restore point available. What is different when the laptop restarts after a system restore rather than from a normal start-up or a restart after going to sleep?

When the laptop is up, it runs without problems, which eliminates both hardware and Windows software as the cause of the problem. Which seems to point to the BIOS. The issue has been reported widely in Dell user forums since version A08, and it looks like we too are victims of Dell being unable to fix it.

We understand our laptop is out of warranty, but it is only two years old, and only Dell software is preventing it from working properly. We believe that Dell owes us a better solution than regressing to the A07 BIOS. 

Are there any solutions that don't involve a hard reset or a complete windows re-install?  This laptop is now useless.  Why doesn't Dell acknowledge the problem?   

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RE: Inspiron 11 won't wake up from sleep

This might not apply, but remember that Hibernation requires a brief press of the power button to wake the computer. If a key press doesn't wake the computer, try the power button. You can turn off Hibernation and Hybrid Sleep in Power Options, Additional Settings.

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