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Inspiron 13 2 in 1 Cracked Screen

I have an Inspiron 13 2 in 1 and noticed yesterday that I could not access the right side menu.  On further investigation there are 2 small cracks emanating from the  inboard corner of the right hinge.  The damage has rendered the touch response of most of the right half of the screen non functional.

I've been on the phone with Dell Support (if it can be called support)  and have heard the same old story that it's "Customer Induced Damage".  If it's customer induced because I have to open the screen to use the machine, then yes I induced the damage.  I also have to open the door to drive my car but if the latch failed I doubt it would be considered Customer Induced.  Dell has a bad design here, the ultra thin bezels and screen don't provide enough support for the glass.  Being fed a line about not selecting to have Accident Coverage is just corporate response to get out of owning up to paying for their poor design decisions, there was no accident to need coverage for. If there were some sort of real accident that caused the crack I would have no issue paying the quoted $459 (Canadian, plus tax) to get it fixed.

This is not the first issue I've had with this machine and it's always the same story with 'support', there is nothing they can do.  Everything from the Active Stylus on the Special Edition (anybody who bought early will remember this one)  to the standard 43Wh battery not being large enough to last longer then a few hours on the i7 versions, not even close to the originally quoted time (another poor design decision and hiding behind the 'actual times may vary' disclaimer).

I would really like to see Dell step up and act like the market segment giant they are and deal with some of these customer issues instead of hiding behind policy like 'Customer Induced Damage'.  As a customer I should not be responsible to cover the cost of design flaw.

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RE: Inspiron 13 2 in 1 Cracked Screen

Hello!  From my understanding Dell tests their equipment against general use failure before selling a specific model. That being said stuff can happen that is beyond your control, so what I would do is post your issue on the Customer Care forum here.  Please note they will not be able to answer anything until Monday.