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Inspiron 13 7000 series - Touchscreen bubbles and losing control of the screen

The last post I have been able to locate on this topic was in Feb 2016 where it appears another user was reporting. Mine has had the problem since just after purchase but unfortunately I could not send the laptop back to Dell during the service warranty period because I was in school and could not be without the laptop for that long. Now that I have finished I would like to use the touchscreen functionality but is impossible due to the bubbles floating across the screen and then the erratic opening and closing of windows. The retail store where I purchased has an extended warranty but that company requires troubleshooting with a technician ( all done- no fix) up to and including factory reset prior to sending out a technician. I pushed back at that point and said no I want to investigate before I do a factory reset. 

Does anyone know if Dell has acknowledged the issue or offered a fix? If so how would I go about "proving" this is a known issue?


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RE: Inspiron 13 7000 series - Touchscreen bubbles and losing control of the screen

This is not a known issue based on the Dell internal documentation on this model. The service tag number will need to be transferred into your name from the sellers. You do not mention what operating system is installed but touchscreen issues are rarely hardware related. The Touch driver is native in the Windows operating system provided that you installed all of the computer chipset drivers. Did you recalibrate Touch in the Control Panel?

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