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Inspiron 13 7348 Integrated Camera not Recognized in Windows 8.1

Hi. Formerly, my laptop camera worked in all applications without any issue but now has stopped recognizing the built-in camera and I unable to use it. There appears to be no driver download for it on the support page. The Dell diagnostic tool returns no information of value since it too us unable to detect the camera. Lastly, the camera does not show up under imaging devices in the device manager; however, there is an "unknown USB device" listed which I presume is the camera since I cannot say with any certainty if it listed prior to this issue and I assume Dell went the simple route most OEMs do and connected the camera on the USB bus internally. I've tried updating the driver software for that device but the Windows tool always comes back saying that the latest drivers for that device are already downloaded. I can't seem to get any more information on the device because of the "descriptor request failure."

I have about 2 restore points between now and the last time I know the camera was functioning so I will try reverting to those in the mean time. If those fail, what are my next steps for trying to resolve this issue?


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