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Inspiron 1300 LCD replaced with Samsung LTN-154-U2-L06 WUXGA LCD panel; screen dark but CCFL on, Win 7 32-bit

I am replacing a n LCD panel that spontaneously cracked.  I've received a refurb LTN-154-U2-L06.  A first blush, one might think it is defective (CCFL on, blank screen).

Environment - Windows 7 32-bit - installed fine using previous WXGA LCD panel.

New LCD panel LTN-154-U2-L06 WUXGA LCD panel (glossy).

From Device Drive Properties -\SEC3255

Note - ribbon LCD cable is well-seated.  (It has even been replaced with a similar cable, same results below).

1. This panel plugged into this (Inspiron) cable - CCFL lights - no image.  This begins at boot - no BIOS Screen.

2. This panel onto a cable from a Lenovo ThinkiPadT-61 - display work perfectly, device Manager identifies as \SEC3255 and displays all resolutions

3. An old IDTech N-150-x3-L0A  SXGA from a ThinkPad - display works perfectly in the Inspiron at the end of the ribbon cable.

This makes no sense - clearly the graphics unit works, the cables work, and the LCDs work.  It's just that this LCD which should work doesn't.

I have seen a number of thoughts -

1. This screen needs a specific driver (and no, never tried this on XP).  Some have said tht LCD's don't need .inf files.  In some cases they do.

2. The EDID (Extended Display Identification Data) EEPROM of the LCD is being read improperly or may need to be re-flashed (if so, why does it work on the ThinkPad),

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