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Inspiron 14: 7437 - Hinge problem

The 01/01/2013 I have buyed an Inspiron 14: 7437.
It is not one of the most buyed laptop, and it is a laptop with a lot of problem, so DELL removes it from his catalog quickly: but it is my laptop.
I've used it normally and I am very satisfied about it, but after less 2 year, the right hinge between the screen and the laptop frame is going to destroy my laptop.
The Hinge problem is a problem known by all the DELL User, it is frequently on a lot of Dell laptop.
But because not a lot of customer have buyed the same model I have, the problem is not referenced and so Dell wants I paid 197€ to fix my problem: A quality problem !!!
I am really disappointed, but I post here to reference any user with this problem, and maybe wake up the Dell service to fix my problem.
I am open to paid but not 197€ for a Hinge, maybe 100€ not more !

So if you are a Dell customer, and you have the same problem, post here, and maybe Dell will do his job.

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