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Inspiron 14R N4110 flickering display problem

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My son's Inspiron 14R laptop has recently begun to experience display issues. The laptop will operate fine for an hour or more, but suddenly when he presses a key or adjusts the laptop lid, it will cause the laptop display to flicker with horizontal lines. Nothing short of rebooting the machine corrects the display problem, but never sure when the next incident will surface. Certainly aggravating & annoying, especially while in the midst of editing a document. 

Not sure if the problem is a result of the video driver or the video card itself. Unfortunately the basic warranty has expired back in July. Would appreciate any help or recommendations the community or Dell Support may offer to resolve this problem.

Thanks in advance, Steve




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Re: Inspiron 14R N4110 flickering display problem

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First thing to do is see whether the same thing happens to an external display - if it does, it suggests a problem with the video chip.

If the external display is OK, start by reseating both ends of the cable that runs between the mainboard and display panel -- and check the cable for damage.

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