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Inspiron 14Z Ultrabook WiFi drops

I have a problem with our two new Ultrabook 14Zs. Disconnect wifi randomly, I run the troubleshoot and it says it can't find modem or wireless signal. But, at that time when I look at the signal from the router, it is perfectly fine, great signal being received by laptop. I have to disconnect and reconnect every single time.

So, I set the Ultrabook on the same table with my old Dell Inspiron laptop, my iPad, my iPhone and a 10 year old Dell laptop and they all have zero issues with wifi signal, while the Ultrabook drops the wifi every few minutes. Frustrating.

One of the laptops has had the wireless card replaced on-site and spent time at the Dell Center getting the hard drive fixed. No fix for the wifi, or the problem with blue screen while trying to run wireless HP printer.

Bought these for my two kids in college and talked them out of Mac laptops. Boy, am I feeling like an idiot now. 

Always been a Dell man, but...where's the help (that doesn't take four hours on hold for)?

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Re: Inspiron 14Z Ultrabook WiFi drops

Hi, I'm experiencing the same issue with my new Dell, same model. Could you solve it?


Best Regards, Juan.

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RE: Inspiron 14Z Ultrabook WiFi drops

Same issue, I have to reboot, let it try to resolve connection issue, which it can't do, then reboot and do the process three to four times before it solves the problem. its getting worse and worse over time. only had this 14z since March 2014

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