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Inspiron 14z-5423 - help needed for setting up the mSATA SSD

Hi guys, i`m new around here, in fact this is my first post in the forums.

I just got myself an used notebook (the Inspiron 5423) and the guy who sold it to me installed a fresh Win10 instance on the 500 GB HDD. The problem is he didnt know how to use the 32 GB SSD, and I also dont know how to set it up as a cache drive. I tried installing the IRST driver but after launching the GUI theres no acceleration tab to be found. Im stuck here and I dont know if the mSATA drive is faulty, although i suspect it is in working order (showing up in BIOS and in  the IRST GUI too).

So my only hope is someone smarter than me here will take the time and instruct me step by step how to enable the accelerating little thing on my computer. Thanks a lot in advance, cheers!

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