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Inspiron 15-3521, Battery questions

Hi Guys,

I just bought a new Laptop (Dell Inspiron 15-3521) but it does not keep charge. Before I sleep I charge it to 100% and shut down my laptop. But when I wake up in the morning and switch it on, it says battery low. Is my battery genuine? My batter number is: DSH2016032120053. Made in China. Please I need to know if the problem is the battery or not by checking if it is genuine. Thanks alot.

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RE: Inspiron 15-3521, Battery questions

If purchased directly from Dell, the battery is genuine. If not, no way we can know what the reseller may have done.

The 2012 Inspiron 15-3521 Dell part number for batteries are =
K9XJR Samsung 65WHR
YGMTN Simplo 65WHR
4DMNG Simplo 65WHR
0MF69 LG 65WHR
163DR Sanyo 65WHR
6HY59 Sanyo 65WHR
P8TC7 Simplo 48WHR
FW1MN Simplo 40WHR
XRDW2 Samsung 40WHR
4WY7C Sanyo 40WHR
T1G4M Logic 40WHR

Sleep/Wake is not a true power off. You should click Start- Power- Shut down. Then test.

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