Inspiron 15 (3537) with Windows 8.1 64 bit touchpad issue

Hi there.

I've had an Inspiron 15 for the last year or so now and I continue to have problems with the touchpad. These mainly manifest when I do a two-fingered scroll - sometimes it works, sometimes it freezes up. If I'm particularly unlucky the screen gives out for a few seconds while the laptop decides what to do.

How can I fix this please?

Though my driver says it's working fine, I have tried using the product support page and get the following message:

We are unable to find the selected device. The device driver for your selected diagnostic is either not installed or installed incorrectly.Please ensure your device is enabled through your device manager or go to Drivers and Downloads to install the latest driver.

When I go to install the recommended driver it says I have a more recent one (I have dated 06/09/2013). The recommended driver is, but the release date (19/11/2013) is actually later.

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RE: Inspiron 15 (3537) with Windows 8.1 64 bit touchpad issue

I am sorry to read that you are having these difficulties.   I just checked and it lists version dated Nov 20 2013 as the release date. It does look like the version numbers are going backwards.

If you are having problems with 117.0.13 you may want to try and see if it helps.  I do suggest when updating touchpad drivers is that you completely remove the original software before installing the new driver.

Download and save it to the desktop, don't run it yet.  Uninstall any Synaptic software from the computer and reboot once finished.  Once back into Windows install the file that you downloaded earlier.

Please let me know what the results are and any difficulties that you may have had.


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