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Inspiron 15 3558 battery intermittent

Battery symbol goes from full charge to off with x through it by tapping/jiggling/setting down laptop.  Goes back on doing same.  Every so often goes from full charge to 74-77% charged.  Run battery test when on and passes.  When off gives me "We are unable to find the selected device. The device driver for your selected diagnostic is either not installed or installed incorrectly".  I ran motherboard test both ways and both passes.  All pins on laptop and battery look good and are solid.  Had problem with adapter intermittent.  Sent back under warranty.  Fix was new adapter but that didn't fix the problem.  If adapter is pulled or intermittent, while battery goes away, the laptop powers off.  Laptop is only 2 months out of warranty and I realized this issue has been around for months but didn't realize it was the battery until this week.  I ordered another battery but if that doesn't resolve the issue I have a few hundred dollar frizbee.  Have had dells since company started, but no more!!  Quality on this one is garbage.  Support has been terrible.

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RE: Inspiron 15 3558 battery intermittent

If you are up to it since its out of warranty,  I would suggest opening the case and check for any battery connections to the motherboard.  I can't see exactly what this model has from the manual but many times there is some type of connector.  Reseating (unplugging then plugging back in) a connector many times fixes an intermittent.  


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