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Inspiron 15 5000 backlit keyboard issue


Currently using a new Dell 15 5000 series i7 w/ Windows 7 Pro. 

I have a slight issue that is somewhat annoying. Whenever I switch to/from Power Save Mode, the backlit keyboard shutoff time in Mobility Center reverts to 1 minute. When I change this to 15 minutes, everything works ok until I switch into/out of power save mode, when it again reverts to 1 minute.

Any suggestions for how I can keep this set at 15 minutes no matter what power mode I am in or switch to? This is getting a bit annoying. Thanks!

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RE: Inspiron 15 5000 backlit keyboard issue

Hi EKJ97,

Thanks for posting!

The Power Plans that come pre-configured from Microsoft are pretty limited in what they can do.  If you would like to set up something different, please use a custom setting.  Here are some instructions:





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RE: Inspiron 15 5000 backlit keyboard issue

i have the same laptop but i can't see keyboard back light option in the mobility center 😞

i tried fn + f10 and nothing happens.

in the bios it shows enable and "bright". but still my keyboard back light is not working.